We’ve all probably experienced having to bake bread, a cake, or something as simple as a cupcake, but for some reason, they don’t turn out quite what we expect them. So we end up wasting our time, energy and ingredients and end up with a less than expected result. But no worries! We are here to help. Baking 101 with Wado Siman is all about helping home bakers and foodies improve their skills in baking by helping them overcome their fears in the technicalities, requirement for precision, and chemical processes that undergoes in baking.

Baking is chemistry. So we are here to help you go through a step-by-step process on how baking actually works. We will teach you the most basic fundamentals of baking such as fermentation, use of leavening agents, purpose of using fat, egg and protein coagulation, and the magic that goes on inside the oven. This might sound scary, but it isn’t actually. We will make this series fun, exciting, and delicious by showing you how to bake amazing goodies like fudgy brownies, vanilla cupcakes and much more. What are you waiting for? Go through our website and click on our Videos + Blog page to start learning and have some fun baking!


Wado Siman is a baker, chef, and entrepreneur. His passion for baking started out as a joke when his friends wanted to see him bake. Being a big guy, they thought it would be funny to see him bake cupcakes. They also gave him a set of baking equipment and an oven for Christmas. He didn’t have any formal culinary education; he made his cupcakes just by searching for recipes on Google and Youtube. He then continued to experiment by using unconventional ingredients in baking. Now, he has his own business rightfully called Wadough’s, a play on his name and the word “dough”. Like Wadough’s on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.